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¿What is the worth of your happiness?

Activate  your happy being, travel in with your emotions and empower your personal and professional life through the tools of HAPPINESS COACHING, to support well-being,

fulfillment and joy.

¿Would you like to be happier?

¿Do you want to reinvent yourself professionally and don´t know where to start?

Bengalas felices

In this Human Ecology training program, supported by a methodology that combines human ecology, emotional intelligence and NLP, you can learn to raise standards, challenge limiting beliefs and develop extraordinary strategies to have a happy life.


Additionally, grow professionally by working as a "Happiness Coach" to support organizations and people to bring out their best version.


Our greatest pride is transforming lives! And the evidence speaks out for itself, through the work carried out since 1997, during which time we have trained more than one million three hundred thousand people who have transformed their lives through personalized accompaniment and live classes, with the endorsement of the GCF Global Coaching Federation.


Take advantage of this opportunity to finally become a professional leader who is happy and more humane.


We are convinced of the possibility of transforming a life, into an Extraordinary life!

If you belive in it, you can make it real

Every thingh is possible if you have faith in it

"Today, here and now is the only chance you have to be happy”

¡You forge your destiny and you have the power to decide which is the level of happiness you deserve!

These are some of the topics in which you will concentrate on your International Certification Of happiness Coaching

Happy people is more productive, healthier and emotionally smart

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The International Happiness Coaching Certification is a valuable opportunity to learn how to raise standards, challenge limiting beliefs and develop the best strategies to have an extraordinary life, while achieving professional growth while practicing as a "Happiness Coach" capable of supporting organizations and people in achieving their objectives, developing their potential, defining values, overcoming obstacles and establishing strategies and action plans that guarantee success


This innovative tool is based on scientific foundations and proven practices, it allows you as a Happiness Coach to support people to be HAPPIER, through coaching sessions in which they get to experiment, grow and transform their way of thinking, feel and act.

Online Training

Duration 120 hours:

Duration 9 months (Time that may vary with the intensive work of the coach in training)

  • 40 hours distance WhatsApp

You have the possibility to review the study material, on your own schedule.

  • 24 Hour Master Class virtual meetings

(Zoom - live explanations) With your own participation and that of your colleagues, learn to do sessions with the Master Coach who facilitates the program

  • 26 Hour Happiness Booster

Virtual support activities with your classmates to put into practice what they have learned in class, and participation in HE Happiness events, Accompaniment Process with Happiness Coaching for an Organization


  • 10 Hours Happiness Work

You create a Happiness tool and a Happiness meditation


  • 20 practice sessions

You present a report of 20 Coaching sessions


The coach-in-training receives:

Contents and permanent accompaniment of the leading Master Coach of the certification and team of training coaches

Practice feedback

Follow-up of the personal process to establish a brand as a Happiness Coach


  • Have a passion for learning to raise your standards, challenge limiting beliefs, and develop the best strategies for an amazing life


Steps to follow:

Interview, registration and payment.​



The happiness coach, with the support of the conversational method and the happiness tools, can help the Manager to strengthen his management style and from there contribute to organizations to:


  • Create a positive work enviroment

  • Promote the formation of high-performance teams

  • Strengthen a positive attitude

  • Facilitate conflict resolution processes

  • Strengthen motivation

  • Clarify and communicate the business mission and vision

  • Support technological or organizational change processes

  • Develop executive leadership skills

  • Generate organizational change initiatives.

  • Promote the best talents.

  • Improve communication and interpersonal relationships

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Manage time more effectively.

  • Develop a culture of trust and responsibility

  • Align the vision of the company with the interests of the employees.

  • Help expand levels of responsibility, initiative and creativity.

  • Promote internal and external customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Improve productivity

Ancla 1


  • Train Coaching Professionals capable of potentiating happiness in their lives, while empowering them to practice coaching with people and organizations



To anyone who wants to be part of the team of coaches with the desire to activate new skills and transform lives into Extraordinary Lives, receiving income with the satisfaction of giving, supporting and helping others.

  • To Managers with personnel in charge who see in Happiness Coaching a tool to help empower their work team and themselves to achieve extraordinary results in performance and productivity.


  • To Innate Leaders, Empirical Coaches, Social Leaders, Teachers, and People Desiring Success who want to develop and strengthen their leadership, their work, increase their motivation and the satisfaction of giving and helping others by strengthening Happiness.


  • Professionals from all sectors of the economy, banking, communications, health, education, etc., who wants to incorporate happiness into their culture and corporate philosophy, their human resources strategy or their training and development programs.




  • Coaching Generalities

  • Scientific bases on laughter

  • Happiness coaching

  • What happy companies know

  • Happiness Coaching in companies

  • Happiness Intelligence

  • GEFES (General work environment / Organizational Climate / Productivity / Emotions

  • Happiness at work and emotional salary /Business models

  • Happiness Coaching Toolbox

  • Customer Happiness Definition

  • The 10 Abundant Happiness Secrets

  • Wheel of happiness

  • Empowerment of a belief

  • Projection of happiness

  • Toy and connection with happiness

  1. Inner Child

  2. Happiness bag

  3. Happiness Wheel

  4. Colors of happiness

  5. Happiness activation calendar

  6. Happiness Meditations

  7. Happiness Diary

  8. Mind map of my happiness

  9. Perceptual Positions of Happiness

  10. Happiness algorithm

  11. My colorful story of happiness

  12. My land of happiness

  13. Happiness Dress

  14. Happiness master formula

  • Conversational method Human Ecology

  • Practice Happiness Coaching sessions

  • Being a Happiness Coach with the endorsement of the Global Coaching Federation


  • Time management and free schedule

  • Participation in study groups on the WhatsApp platform 24/7 led by the certification leader coach, allowing collaborative learning.

  • Zoom platform classes by master coach

  • Sending material and content by email and WhatsApp

  • Training and practice with team of coaches

  • The methodology is centered on the participant and adapted so that it can enrich the learning process.

  • The training begins from the moment in which the registration is made and the corresponding registration payment is made.



The training process as a coach is accompanied by our team of expert Coach Facilitators, supervision coaches and support coaches, who, in addition to their professional qualifications specializing in specific fields such as motivation, consulting and advice, are certified as Coach in different Coaching Schools. Training and has extensive experience in the exercise of coaching both personally and organizationally.

Directors of the Masters Coaches Certification Gilda Delgado and Heidman Ballesteros.

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  • Once the program is approved, the participant will receive a degree: INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS COACHING CERTIFICATION with stamps of endorsement:

       International Coaching Human Ecology - Human Ecology

       GCF Global Coaching Federation



coach felicidad.jpg

Short Presentations by our certified coaches


We can talk about the quality of our training; the incredible results achieved and boast from the heart of our exciting task; but we prefer to give those who have learned Coaching with our Methodology the opportunity to share their experience with you.

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